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kAnip sPECiAl
1.) kANipCHunphiT will be releasing there demo (3 to 4 songs) somewhere around the 2nd of febuarary, pick up a copy from zeke or email me if u are far away ( A name has not been provided =yet>>>>

Kanips New song are: Propaganda, and For you

Ready for a long story? Here goes: In 6th grade, bill and jim started a band called emtie, jim on geetar, bill on bass, max on drums, and eric someting. After some time they kicked out max. They asked tyler, and he drummed. Then, in 6th grade, with the creation of the e-z posse, emtie created zipka: Kille on guitar, zeke on guitar, al on bass, and nik on drums.(i'm zeke). It went well for a while, but after a while, bill was kicked out of emtie. Kille was wanted in emtie on bass, but emtie broke up instead. Then, al was kicked out of zipka, and kille became the bassist. Then zipka broke up. Soon after, Zeke and bill decided to reconstruct zipka with emties bassist bill, me on guitar, and nik on drums. Bill decided zipka was a bad name, so we changed it to kanipchunphit,(kiniptionfit), in honor of our substitute science teacher, who couldn't use any other words. After sometime, bill started going out with hannah. And then nik was fired because he harrased hannah. So we hired max gale. He's really good. Our first gigs are the french cafe', where we will play teenage lobotomy, captain anarchy, and 2000 light years away(subject to change) and the talent show, with hate to say i told you so, and walking contradiction. That wasn't that bad, was it?


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